Your Realtor Is Not Lying To You When...

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There is a lack of homes for sale in Rhode Island going into the 2021 spring market.
This is turning ugly, real fast!!! More and more buyers are getting pre approved due to the low interest rates, AND ALSO - due to the nice/warmer weather around the corner.
However, there is not enough homes coming onto the market to feed all the buyers.
That being said, if you are thinking of selling.. DO IT! Not only will you be helping a family in search for their next home, you will also be getting TOP dollar for your property.
If you’re a buyer, you will have to be aggressive, patient, and active.
Be prepared to offer: over list price, potentially waive inspections, put down large deposits, and have a flexible close date. At the end of the day, the seller will show their house to 30+ buyers, and only 1 will get the property. You must have the best offer!
Your Realtor is not lying to you when they everyone is offering over list price.
Your Realtor is not lying to you when they tell you that the sellers not accepting anymore showings…
Your Realtor is not lying to you when they suggest you need to waive inspections in-order to be a competing offer!  Unfortunately….


Now, is it a good time to sell? YES.
Is it a good time to buy? Well, take a look at your personal situation. Are you ready to settle down into a place, and are your financials ready to buy? If yes - then, yes. It is a good time for YOU to buy.

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