When should I reach out to my real estate agent?

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As a first time home buyer you should reach out to your preferred real estate agent about 6 months before you actually want to start searching for a home. For example, if you know you will want to start actively shopping for homes in June, then you should reach out to your real estate agent in January. You may be thinking, “I'm not going to reach out to a real estate agent 6 months in advance, they are only going to bug me to buy a home sooner.” Well, the reason I say you should reach out to an agent 6 months in advance is because I have seen too many instances where people wait until the month they are going to need a house to reach out to me. Then, we have our initial meeting, and I get them in contact with a loan officer who supplys them with a mortgage. The majority of the time the loan officer comes back with 3 to 6 months worth of homework that needs to be done in order for my buyers to be qualified to buy their first home. Reaching out to a real estate agent as a first time home buyer is FREE of charge. So why not just reach out sooner rather than later?


Think 6 months from now… Do you see yourself having your own home by then? If the answer is yes, then reach out to me today and let’s chat! No obligations.