What will I do to sell your property?

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What will I do to sell your property?


Social media is a huge platform for networking. There are tons of people everyday that spend tons of hours on social media. So why not expose your property on a platform people spend the majority of their day on?

Craigslist over the past decade has been a popular place to post their items for sale.
However, many agents do not utilize craigslist when listing a property for sale. I believe it is important to market your property on the local craigslist board.

Direct mail may have become a thing of the past; however, I send out Just Listed Flyers to surrounding properties with photos and information of your property.
Being part of a large company like Coldwell Banker they have the power to Advertise your property on over 600 different websites.

The Local Newspaper also may have become a thing of the past; however, it is still important to advertise on this platform to ensure we are not leaving any buyers in the dark.

Open Houses of course is an effective way to let a bunch of traffic in to view your property.

Neighborhood Only Open Houses has become an effective way to advertise your property. Your neighbors would want nothing more than family, or a friend to live next door.

Twilight Open Houses too has become an effective way to capture a bunch of traffic. It is a great way to allow people to swing by the property on their way home from work, rather than take time away from their weekend.

Custom Property Flyers is a packet of photos, and all information on your property put together in a stylish fashion to be handed out to all people entering the property to view. 

Posting in MLS is the most effective way to advertise a property for sale. This is a platform every real estate agent has access to, to show their clients. So it is crucial to ensure your property is listed in MLS.

Office Networking is a great way to spread the word of your property to other real estate agents. My office has sales meetings, where is a better place to talk about your home for sale than in a room with a bunch of other real estate agents.

Email Blasts to all real estate agents in my office there are 200+ active Coldwell banker agents in my area. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to send an email with your property info to all of these agents to expose your home? I mean it is a real estate agents job to bring buyers and sellers together. 

Calling Around Your Listing is a great thing to do a few days before an open house. Alerting nearby neighbors that a new house is for sale, and also promoting your open house that weekend to drive traffic.

Private Showings of course is important to offer. Being extremely flexible and available at all times to ensure you’re available to set up private showings with interested buyers is important. 

Property For Sale Sign is a key component to sell a house. Many homes do sell from a buyer simply just driving by, and spotting the for sale sign.

Having Photos Taken is one of the most important components to selling a home. Online is where the majority of home buyers are today. It is important to make sure your property has clear photos of your property.

Virtual Tours is also another great tool to help online home shoppers get a complete feel of what your property has to offer.