The Home Buying Process Changes With The Market

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The home buying process is changing constantly with the market.
The way you bought your house will be different from the way your kids, friend, cousin..etc buy their house. The housing market is really going to dictate the way things are done.
You might have been able to offer 20K under asking price, and was able to negotiate the seller down… Let me tell you something, that is not happening right now…
You know what else is not happening right now?
Being available to look for homes only on the weekend...
You need to be available as soon as the property hits the market. If you can't make it during the week, then you need to have your agent go and facetime you the house, and you need to feel comfortable enough to place an offer without going to see it in person. There’s pros, and cons to every market. A pro to this market as a buyer is that interest rates are so low.
There’s tons more to be said, tons more to learn before becoming a home buyer in the marketplace. Do not just skip right to going to see homes in person. It is important to be prepared.
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