Submit a Personal Letter Along With Your Offer!

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This weekend I viewed a home with my client. This particular property was priced right. It was not on the market long at all, and they had a packed day full of showings. My client liked everything the home had to offer, and wanted to place an offer. With how fast paced the market currently is, and with all the attention the property was instantly getting. I knew my client's offer would not be the only offer. This is where the personal letter came into play. Along with the offer, I suggested to my client to write a personal letter to the seller. Any seller who has been living in their home for many years has established many memories, and have made friends with their neighbors. A seller typically feels a lot more at ease when they know their home will be in good hands. The purpose of this personal letter is to make a seller be at ease, and feel confident about accepting your offer over another. Sure enough our offer was accepted, and we got great feedback on how much the seller loved the personal letter. Therefore, if you are submitting an offer on a home that is getting a lot of attention; I suggest to write a personal letter to have attached along with your offer. The small things can go a long way.