Should I list my home over the winter?

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A controversial topic is, “Should I list my home over the winter, or wait for the spring market?"

The spring market is one of the most active times in the real estate market filled with tons of buyers. However, what is the percentage of buyers that are actually serious, compared to the buyers who are just looking for good deals? Well… I don't have the percentage for you, but what I can tell you is that you will deal with more serious buyers in the winter market, than in the spring market.
As a seller you only want to be dealing with serious buyers. Do you really want to clean the house, pack the kids and the dogs up just to have a buyer come in offer you a low ball offer? This scenario may happen often in the spring market. However, in the winter market the majority of buyers out shopping for homes are serious buyers. Someone shopping for a home during the holidays, and the cold months are most likely looking to buy only because they have to. The average buyer would rather wait to shop for homes when it is warm, and there is no snow on the ground. However, if a buyer does not have a choice, and they HAVE to move; well then, if they need to buy a house in the winter, then they will be out shopping with serious intentions through the winter season.
Therefore, to answer the questions of, “Should I list my home over the winter, or wait for the spring market?” My professional advice would be to list your homes over the winter season this year… Interest rates are still low for buyers, so buyer will still be out shopping


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