No Time For Negotiating!

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There’s No Time For Negotiation

Unfortunately,  negotiating for your purchase price is not common in today’s real estate marketplace. Here is how placing an offer typically takes place. First, go take a look at the property you are interested in placing an offer on with your real estate agent. Have your agent observe the activity at the property that day, and have your agent take a look at the similar homes that have sold within a mile of the property. Have your agent give you a price range he or she thinks the house will sell for within a 15k price band. Now it is up to you… How much do you love the house? How bad do you want the house? Base your offer off of those questions, and the price range given to you by your Realtor. Keep in mind, there is no time to negotiate!
In today's market, sellers are receiving multiple offers at the same time… They are just going to accept the highest and best offer. They will not take the time to negotiate with each offer. Make sense? If not, message me.