No Home Is Perfect

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The only way you will find a home with the perfect size bedroom, and kitchen. In a good area that doesn't need a roof with a dry basement with no water leaks and no problems to fix would be to build a brand new home.
Every home that goes through the inspection period will come back with problems. Again, no house is perfect it is an inspectors job to dissect the home and find every issue possible in the home. Remember don't let the inspection blow the deal!
If the house comes back with an issue that you did not already know about. First, ask the seller to fix it! If the seller does not fix it, make sure you do some homework and find out about the cost of the fix.
Now ask yourself... Is a $500 repair going to stop you from buying your first home? Also ask yourself, If this problem could be fixed for free, would you be happy about the house I am buying?