Need to sell your home in-order to buy?

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Currently searching for a home; however, you need to sell your home in-order to make it happen?

As a buyer in the market it is crucial to choose the right real estate agent to look out for your best interest and insure you are always putting your best foot forward.
When it comes to placing an offer on a home, your agent should be working closely with you to insure that your offer is presented as strong as possible. Placing an offer on a house with your offer “Subject to the sale of your property” may make your offer appear less appealing to a seller. A buyer could  place a asking price offer on a house; however, if the buyer needs to sell their home still in-order to purchase the house they are placing an offer on, than a seller may decline your offer due to not wanting to delay the sale of their property & not wanting to wait for you to sell your property too.
Placing an offer with your offer, “Subject to the sale of your property” can put you even more at a disadvantage when you’re placing an offer on a new listing in a fast paced market.
Reason being is…. In a fast paced market as soon as a new listing hits the market, buyers flock to the property as soon as they can & majority of the time this creates a bidding war. A bidding war comes down to who can present the seller with the most appealing/strongest offer.
Placing an offer on a house, “subject to the sale of your home”  in a bidding war puts you at a disadvantage from the get-go.
However, there is a solution to this….
The solution to this would be to have a Realtor come by your property and perform a market analysis on your home. Making sure the Realtor is capturing all the information he/she needs in order to be able to put your house on the market…
When should your house be listed?
A great way to make your offer appear a bit more stronger would be to make sure your house is on the market BEFORE you place the offer.
So, once your find your dream house and you are ready to place an offer your agent should put your house on the market before hand.
Doing so will allow your agent to submit your offer in a matter where he can say, “Mr or Mrs. Seller, my buyers are placing an offer on your house. This offer is subject to the sale of my buyers property; however, the good news is that the house is already on the market, and we have an open house scheduled for this weekend;  where we are planning on receiving an offer for my buyers property.
Doing so will show the seller’s how motivated you are, and hopefully will score you the property you fell in love with..