Jan 1st. 2022 Market Update

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Market Update


Currently, there are 669 single family homes for sale. Between 200,000-500,000 there are only 362!  In a healthy/balanced market there should be about 2,500 single family homes for sale.
However, over the past 3 weeks - the buyer activity has slowed down slightly. This is usual due to us coming out of the holiday weeks.
That being said, it is still a strong sellers market. The only thing going for the buyers out there currently is the low interest rates = Your monthly payments are lower than normal!

Looking ahead,
Im projecting for a good amount of homes to hit the market leading into February.
They will come and go fast, so be available to see those properties you really like.

I'm hoping we can hit 1,000 single family homes for sale come March 1st.

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Jason Pacheco