How do I make sure I am represented as a buyer?

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Being represented as a buyer is just as important as being represented as a seller.

When it comes time to sell, a seller will reach out to a Realtor of their choice to list their home for sale. When it comes time to buy a home, why wouldn't a buyer do the same?
Majority of the time a buyer is so quick to call the phone number on the “for sale sign” to make an appointment for a private showing. With technology becoming such a huge convenience for buyers searching for their next home, most of the time you can request a private showing on the properties listing website. This may perceive to be the easy thing to do; however, by making appointments through a website you are actually walking into a property unrepresented. The agent that will greet you at the property will be the seller’s real estate agent. The seller’s real estate agent’s job is to look out for the seller, and do whatever is in the best interest of the seller...So, if you happen to find yourself saying, “I love this house, I am willing to pay over asking price in order to get this house,” the seller's agent is going to sweet talk you into placing an over asking price offer. Throughout the remainder of the transaction you will be unrepresented in one of the largest investments of your life.

Well, you may be thinking... how do I avoid this? How do I make sure I am represented as a buyer?

The way to assure you are being represented as a buyer is to choose one agent you want to work with. At this time it is common to request a meeting to get together, and go over what it is you’re looking for in your home search. Establishing a working relationship is important because this agent is going to be your “go-to” throughout the entire transaction. The next very important way to assure you are being represented as a buyer is to always contact the same agent for any real estate matter. Whether you have a question, or you want to make an appointment, or you simply just want to know how long a house has been on the market, it is extremely important to always ask that one agent who is representing you, and looking out for your best interest.