How Close Am I To Buying a House?

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That is my most important tip that I can give you.

However, here is some quick info...
1. You need a credit score 630+

2. You need 2 years work experience (school may count)

*If you have a bad credit score, make 100K per year, and you think a way to get around your credit score is to get pre- approved with a partner who has a 630+.
Your income will still not apply toward the pre-approval!
Your partner with the 630+ score will be getting approved alone, your income wont help!

A credit score is important to a lender because essentially that is your risk level.
The lower the credit score, the higher of a risk you are to a lender in paying them back. 

If your credit is 630+ and you make 45-55K per year (salary or hourly)  you're en-route to getting a house sooner rather than later.

*Speak to a loan officer for details!!  These are all very generic examples. Everyone's case is unique.  Contact me for a loan officer referral!