Are you a first time home buyer saving for a house

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Are you a first time home buyer saving up for a house?
Do you have a minimum credit score of 620?

Will the house be your primary residence?

If you just answered yes to the above questions you may be a lot closer to buying a house than you think…

Rhode Island has a great first time home buyer program.
Here is an ESTIMATE of how much money you will need to buy a $280,000 house...

Purchase a house for $280,000

Down Payment 3.5% - 9,800

Closing costs -             7,000

Inspection -                     500
Appraisal -                      500

Total -                           17,800

Rhode Island Down Payment Program gives you 12,000 to go toward your costs…

17,800 - 12,000 = 5,800.

Therefore, an estimated amount needed to purchase is $5,800.00

Contact me, and I will get you connected with a local lender to see if you qualify.